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The Pleasure
Of Being

Welcome to the next Consciousness Level

I Am Looking For My People!

My intention with this list is to gather like-minded, like-hearted & like-spirited people who are awakening their Consciousness and willing to go with the Flow, people who resonate with me and who I resonate with.

Find out about me

Who am I


My name is Gaëlle, I am a spiritual master and I help people who are looking for meaning and wholeness in life to find the pleasure, the enjoyment and the taste of Being again. Visionary, innovative and free-spirited I have the head in the stars but the feet firmly on the ground. I am a Singularity and, at the same time, I am You, I am Everything and I am Nothing.

Specifics - Technical Sheet

Name: Gaëlle (Generous Lord)

Astro: Gemini-Sagittarius-Leo

Myers-Briggs: ENTJ

Enneagram: 8w7 SX-SO

Ayurveda: Vata-Pitta

Spiral Dynamics: Yellow-Turquoise 

Colour: Magenta, Purple

Languages: French, English, Shamanic Light

Numerology: Life path 7

Polarity: Yang, Sacred Androgenous

Jungian archetypes: The Sage, The Explorer, The Lover, The Ruler, The Magician, The Creator

Other: Gifted, Multipotentialist, Indigo


IMG_5858 (2019_07_01 00_26_12 UTC).JPG

Conscious Living, Free Living in the Flow

Mystic and hermit, I live as consciously as possible, in the flow of each instant, retreated (at the moment) from the world, in the Gift Economy, the New World, the New Earth, connecting with my Spirit, and unraveling the mystery of who I am. I wake up when my body wakes me up, I eat when I’m hungry, and I don’t eat much, I do the activities that inspire me in the moment, which mostly are what I’m passionate about, I go to bed when I’m tired.

" Between point A and point B, there is Life "

Gaëlle Bretin-Tokpo

Passions - Skills



Spirituality, psychology, esotericism, divination, science, shamanism, personal development, aesthetics, property, decoration, refurbishment, investments, communication, deep conversations, exchanges, innovation.

Daily Activities

Researching, theorising, sharing thoughts & insights, sitting in the sun, meditating, learning, introspecting, analysing, teaching, creating, dancing, singing, guiding people through their inner work and life journey, doing inner work.
I do get interested in a variety of things but my passions will be more circumstantial and flow toward the topics that relate to the goals I want to achieve or to a theme that is particularly relevant to me in a specific frame of time. That being said, what I’m the most passionate about, I guess, is having conversations, deep intellectual conversations (I do not do small talk) with someone who bounces back and who bounces back with interesting things that positively and harmoniously expand each other. I like talking about meaningful things including projects and practical matters, as well as emotional states, psychological issues and spiritual aspects. About life. And about all our subjects of interest.

Life Philosophy


Knowing the Self
Sharing my understandings of the Life mysteries.

I am here to discover more of myself, as a singularity and beyond, and to explore the mysteries of the Universe as I walk the path of self-awareness where what counts is to be Conscious every single now. Knowing who I am is what gives meaning and purpose to my life.

To be Happy every single Now
To experience the Pleasure of Being
To experience Freedom within Fusion

My goal is a goal of each instant and one of happiness: to cultivate the feelings of Joy, Love, Serenity, Wholeness, Cheerfulness, Passion and Enthusiasm, every single now, and incarnate as a living experience what I call the Pleasure of Being, which in relationships translates into Freedom within Fusion.

To be Conscious in each instant.

> Check out what it means to be Conscious


What is Important

Animal welfare, male-female equality, spirituality, wellbeing, authenticity, integrity, freedom, empowerment, minimalism, hedonism.
I do not fight for my values, preach nor try to convince anyone. But I do embody them and walk my talk; as much as possible. And they transpire in my choices and everything I do.

Vegetarian - Vegan

I am vegetarian, somewhat vegan and have random fruitarian phases. I have become veg' for the following ethical reasons (ranked in my particular order of importance): 1- animal welfare 2- spirituality 3- Earth ecosystem welfare 4- my health. All those reasons ultimately come down to health & wellbeing as a whole and for all.
I aim at becoming pranic one day which means nourishing myself from the essential elements present in the sun light, the air and water. I am not going to force myself into it through fasting but will let it happen on its own, naturally, organically and in right timing. If it happens great. I think it will. And if it doesn’t, then that’s ok too. But it will probably happen.



The Compulsory

Freedom, Fusion, resonance, Beauty, Truth, harmony, fluidity, Power, intensity, involvement, commitment, sharing.

Love Languages

Love languages ranked in my order of importance & need.
1) Quality Time
2) Physical Touch
3) Words of Affirmation
4) Acts of Service
5) Gifts




Unschooling☀️, Autonomous Living🎈, Conscious Intentional Communities🕊, Eco-Villages🌱, Vanlife 🚐, Natural Home Birth🌸

Here are some people, concepts or fields (in no particular order) that have inspired me throughout my journey:


Carl Jung, meditation, Buddha, shadow work, Consciousness, Teal Swan, 5D, New Age, Spiral Dynamics, Human Design, Enneagram, MBTI, Melody Fletcher, astrology, numerology, palmistry, oracle cards, tarot, mysticism, quantum physics, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, vipassana, energy work, Michael Teachings, Abraham Hicks, twin flames, channeling, light languages, integrative psychology, holistic approaches, alternative medicines, Ayahuasca, Rapé, Iboga, Bufo, Kambo, shamanism, veg diets, organic food, eco living, Conscious living, pranic living, hedonism, minimalism, multipotentiality, property investment, automation, Tim Feriss, Tony Robbins, Being, observing, feeling, sensing, allowing, philosophy, existential questions, colours, ancient Egypt, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, dark night of the soul, enlightenment, happiness, Oneness, Nassim Haramein, Frédéric Laloux, Ken Wilber…

Let's connect


I am looking to connect with my tribe, powerful people on their own who are on the same awakening journey as me and want to gather and share, people who are optimistic about the future of humanity and the emergence of the new economy. I believe that a new era has started where people are pulled to become their own authority. Though, we don't have to stay apart. It's easier when we get together!

I Am Looking For My People!

My intention with this list is to gather like-minded, like-hearted & like-spirited people who are awakening their Consciousness and willing to go with the Flow, people who resonate with me and who I resonate with.

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