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What Does It Mean To Be Conscious?

We hear the term “Conscious” quite a lot, these days. It’s everywhere. Everyone talks about being Conscious, living consciously, about Conscious living, Conscious communities. But what does it actually mean?!🤷‍♀️

I will start with what it is not. Being Conscious is not being kind or loving. Being Conscious is not having reached full enlightenment. It is not being perfect, it is not being serene nor is it being full of joy. And it is certainly NOT killing the ego. So if it’s none of that, what is it then?

Well that’s very simple. What it means is comprised in the word itself. Being Conscious means being aware. It means seeing. It means observing, watching, noticing, seeing, being aware of the ego, watching it move and evolve with the eyes of the observer not of the judger, observing one’s thoughts, judgements, defence mechanisms play out, without thinking anything about it, fully feeling/experiencing emotions/physical sensations while paying attention to what is going on, with the detachment of a consciousness that is one step back, being fully immersed in the physical experience while seeing everything from the outside, being the actor in the movie and yet being at the same time the spectator watching the movie unfold.

The goal is not to kill the ego. You cannot kill it anyway. It will change form anyway once you think you’ve transcended it. That’s how spiritual people (including me) have a spiritual ego. That’s normal and it’s not a problem in itself. I’ll make a video and/or a blog post at some point about the ego because I feel there’s a recurring misunderstanding here. So the goal is not to kill the ego. The goal though, is to witness the ego evolve, move and shift form. That’s what, being Conscious means.

And it’s not even really about being conscious but about becoming more and more conscious, becoming conscious of more and more of who we are. The more we become aware, the more the ego expands too because once we realise we’re not or not « just » this narrow personality that we thought we were, we include more and more things in ourselves (in our identity, which is what the ego is) until at some point we reach the understanding that we are Everything which in itself in an expanded ego. Oneness is the ego of Nothingness ( Nothingness, aka which cannot be named nor conceptualised). So even when we realise that we are both Everything and Nothing-That-Which-Cannot-Be-Named AND that we also are a singular point of focus experiencing a singular experience, we then still need to embody this understanding. So we keep observing until maybe one day we reach a point where we’ve observed everything this physical experience on the Earth plane had to offer, and that our consciousness start expanding beyond it. That is called Enlightenment and I guess, at that point, our journey here on this planet is finished for good, but continues expanding on other planes beyond the Earth frequencies.

We may need many lives before this happens, but to me the goal is not to chase enlightenment but to experience and witness our reality as fully as we can and at the rhythm that feels the most aligned to us. « The path is the goal » beware...😜

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