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What the Hell is Unconditional Love??

Yesterday, the topic of Unconditional Love seemed to be pursuing me. Indeed, I came across not less than 3 posts in a row on my Facebook feed touching on it. It's such a fundamental topic and it resonates so much with me that I felt like I needed to write something about it.

So, here is my bite. We've all heard the saying "Love is the answer" or "love always wins". It's the kind of concept that oftentimes sounds empty for many of us because we don't have a clue of what the hell it actually means and even less how to apply it and why it would work. For a long time I was in this case myself too. What I understand now is that loving unconditionally means loving and accepting whatever thing is perceived as unloveable or unacceptable. And this starts with ourselves, by loving and accepting our flaws, addictions and failures as much as our qualities, healthy behaviours and successes. And then (only then) extend it to life and other people by loving and accepting everything we don't like and accept about life and others. The reason why it works, how much counterintuitive it seems, is because Love is inclusive and everything that isn't Love (the jargon calls it "Fear") is exclusive. So if you start to love a flaw it cannot stay a flaw because now it's included. It has to transmute itself. It's exactly like in the last part of The Matrix trilogy. When Agent Smith (the representative of Fear) kills Neo (the representative of Love) by absorbing his energy, he actually kills himself and becomes Love because now he has merged with Neo; he is included. Agent Smith can exist only as a state of separation and exclusion. This is very powerful. Love transmutes negative into positive because it includes and that's why Love always wins and can only win. It's very simple but not always that easy to do. I know, because I try to apply it in my daily life and for sure sometimes it's hard to love myself when I have miserably failed, to love myself when I'm stuck in inertia, to love myself when I'm weak, unsuccessful and discouraged, to love a situation that provoked deep disappointment within me, to love life when I didn't get something I wanted so badly, to love others when they hurt me, reject me or neglect me. But when I become courageous enough to accept to change perspective and that as a result I finally figure out in how it could be serving me and in how it could be good for me, then the Shadow comes to light and ceases to be a Shadow, which means I feel better, lighter and wholer because I have reintegrated, re-included aspects of myself that had been subconsciously banned from my self. I'm super super glad to be posting on this concept today since it is one that is dear to my heart. I feel people's consciousness is awakening big time. It's really an exciting time to be alive. Go on peace, unity and freedom And I mean it...


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