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How to Go with the Flow

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

I talk a lot about going with the flow. People often stare at me with blank eyes, which lets me know that I need to explain what I mean. So today, I am going to comply on paper, so anyone who reads my blog can find it.

If I talk so much about being in the flow, it is because I live it as a lifestyle, which means it is not something I practice casually, monthly or weekly, nor is it a ritual or a daily routine. It is rather a way of being, just like meditation is for me, a set of fondamental values, which I breath, that is embedded in my day to day life, and that drives everything I do.

I haven't always lived that way though. On the contrary, I used to be (and honestly still can be) very controlling, trying to force life to go my way, resisting the very thing I wanted to see happening in my life, all that because I was not trusting that the flow of life could bring me where I wanted to go, if I was not channelling it myself to go a specific direction. This was very hard work for me, very exhausting, and in fact, mostly vain. It was giving off little results, if it was working at all, merely moving air. I was finding myself mostly in inertia, facing big walls, that my bleeding fists could not destroy, swimming upstream, fighting life, fighting myself, and running an internal civil war, without even realising it. My education, my personality and personal development teachings were not for nothing in this behaviour. I had been told from everywhere, including from within, that I had to fight hard for what I wanted and that anything worth having had to be obtained through blood and tears. And so, that is how I happened to function for a very long time, until I realised that it did not necessarily have to be that way and that actually, there was a better approach to living life.

I first discovered that hardship was actually a sign of moving away from my true wants and desires. Either the path was not right, or I had some fears blocking me. But either way, if it was or felt "hard", it meant that there was some inner-work to do. Along with this discovery, I happened to have a massive value shift in my Being, that was not only devaluing "hard work " but squarely resetting my whole set of values. At the time (year 2015 turning 2016), I actually birthed a full paradigm shift that had been in preparation for a while, possibly two years. But then, I figured that no matter how much inner-work I was putting in to unblock the path and open the way to easiness (and I'd say, no matter how "hard" I tried), I was still stuck in stagnation with floppy results. Also at some point, I discovered the Michael teachings which is wisdom from the entity group Michael, channeled by different channels. It interested me a lot because it was talking about soul mission, soul position, soul group and soul identity. I figured out that, me, as a spiritual Being, had a soul goal of "flow", which instantly resonated with me, made me connect all the dots, which helped make sense of the whole issue. Even if I had already had, by then, a clear picture of what the flow lifestyle is (and which I had called my "holiday lifestyle") I finally understood in that moment, why things had not seemed to flow, despite of my solid vision and unwavering persistence. This is for me one major breakthrough because it unlocked a core issue related to my life purpose. And this happened during the massive eclipse season of this year, so it seems clear that there is some significance to it.

So, with this in mind, I am going, now, to talk about our matter: how to live in the flow. I may have further things to say later on about this topic, and even alter some aspects, due to potential new understandings, but for now, I am going to tackle the question with my today's eyes.

What I've come to understand is that going with the flow is a practice related to acceptance, letting go, trust and unconditional love. It requires the courage to relax into life, knowing that events and situations, good or bad, are bringing you to the exact destination you truly want to go to, using the fastest and most pleasurable way available, which is also known as the path of least resistance.

So technically, how do you do? You follow your inspiration, your body and your intuition. Basically, you do things when you feel like to do them, you stop when you want to and you don't force it. You try but not too hard and you don't blame yourself for being lazy when you don't feel like doing anymore. You're not lazy, you're just listening to yourself and using the stream of creativity when it's there. If you feel obsessed with an activity and you can't stop because you're so much into it, that's your stream of creativity. So stop blaming yourself for being obsessed. Give yourself permission to enjoy the doing when it's there and to enjoy the holiday when inspiration stops. Follow your sense of curiosity.

👉What is the next thing you feel like to do?

👉What would be fun right now?

Do not try to link the action to outcomes. Do not try to calculate or give meaning to what you're doing. As long as it feels good, you're on the right track. So, if you want to eat, eat, if you want to sleep, sleep, if you want to write, write and if you want to do nothing, do nothing. No blame, no shame, only permission and allowing. Of course, start where you are with what you can and what you have. But start now and let it grow.

Another point, you'll need to build trust, otherwise this won't probably work. You'll need to accept to trust that following your inspiration, body and intuition is leading you to the right destination, the one you're after. And to do so, you'll need to accept to see events and situations with different eyes. You'll need to accept to change perspective and find new more favourable meanings to what is happening in your your life. You will need to accept to ask yourself in how this lack of inspiration (or on the contrary, this obsessive passion) is exactly what you need right now. Ask yourself in how this or that not so cool situation you're in could in actuality be serving you, in how it could be good for you and bringing you right to where you want. Accept to consider the possibility that life could actually be happening FOR you and not TO you. And by the way, are you sure 100% that this cancelled diner is a bad thing? Are you sure that this missed opportunity was that juicy? Are you sure that the fact you missed it was not actually the best thing that could ever have happened? And this relationship you're into that is causing you a lot of drama, are sure it isn't teaching you something essential about yourself? Isn't it teaching you a skill or a mindset you need to master in order to become who you want or who you need to become in order to be ready for this perfect relationship you dream of?

Things are not necessarily what they seem to be. You do not consciously see the whole picture anyway, and you certainly do not have access to the entire situation and choices, at all time and for each protagonist. You see only a tiny part of the life architecture and merely pieces of your own. So trying to figure things out mentally is a bit pointless and doom to failure. But the good news is that you don't have to do this hard work! Your job isn't to make the car's wheels roll. You merely need to turn the key and do your driver's job. You even have a perfectly reliable GPS: your feelings, your emotions, your intuition. Once you have a vision for yourself that genuinely is what you want and desire, your destination is automatically inserted into your inner guidance system and voila! You're ready to go.

But of course if you want to roll the car's wheels by yourself and argue with the GPS, no wonder why it's all hard work... and you know what? The funniest thing is that you can! You have your free will. If you insist on rolling the wheels and continually contradict your guidance system, well no one and not even life will prevent you from doing so. The thing is that, you choosing the hard way isn't even a wrong decision because the spiritual Being you are is experiencing the very thing they wanted to experience in this life. The hard way is just one side of the coin. Now we all agree, I guess, that you prefer the side of the coin that is a bit more enjoyable. At the end of the day, both ways are valid and the choice is yours. So what are you choosing?

Go on Peace, Unity and Freedom.



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